Space for development of microcredit

Since its inception, Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity has placed sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. Thus, several actions aimed at integrating the poor into the economic cycle have been undertaken.

Among these, the microcredit has proved to be an effective tool to fight against exclusion and poverty.

To enable a larger part of the target population to have access to microcredit,

The Foundation decided to support industry actors so they can grow their business and, ultimately, open to many recipients’ horizons of hope and dignity.

Thus, according to the high Instructions of His Majesty King Mohamed VI, and in consultation with shareholders in the micro credit in Morocco, Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity conducted a support centre for microfinance.



Mission and objectives:

The Centre deploys its action on 3 major areas:

  • The training of microcredit associations staff
  • The establishment of a system of information and documentation / The Observatory
  • Supporting the marketing of beneficiaries of microcredit programmes.

Operational training for staff of microcredit associations:

Training is designed specifically to develop and conceptualize practices of microcredit and transferring know-how skills acquired through experience of the actors in the field of microcredit.

It's objectives are to:

  • Participate in the development of operating and managerial expertise of the staff in the microfinance sector in Morocco;
  • Organize training workshops, seminars and conferences relating to different aspects of the business of micro-finance;
  • To train skilled trainers who will support training at regional and local levels;
  • Encourage the transfer of knowledge and expertise between national microcredit associations but also with international institutions;
  • Conduct studies to identify and assess training needs of the sector;
  • Establish a database of resources listing the skills and national expertise in the field;
  • To provide microcredit associations center premises to organize their own training activities.

Information and documentation system: the observatory of micro-finance


  • To provide the center users documentation composed of reference books, journals, periodicals, publications of international agencies, official documents,...
  • To provide users with a multimedia room to see audiovisual materials and websites dedicated to the sector;
  • Establish a monitoring unit to follow up the business both on the national and international levels;
  • Develop catalogs and bibliographies on the subject of Microfinance
  • Build relationships of cooperation and exchange with research centers and expertise worldwide;
  • Editing a magazine in the field of microfinance in Morocco;
  • Translate reference books in the field;
  • Organize events to promote the microcredit system.

Marketing support


  • Enabling micro-entrepreneurs to develop capacity for better marketing of their products;
  • Provide beneficiaries with logistics allowing them to showcase their products
  • Being the interface of the beneficiaries to the solidarity trade networks;
  • Develop a virtual space for the exhibition of the beneficiaries products;
  • Organize fairs, touring exhibitions and marketing in different regions of Morocco.





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